The Law of Nature 2: We are Nature

The secondly deadly sin of modernisation and modern mind is “separating nature from human” and therefore, treating nature as “resources”.


The lores of nature in Melanesia says “We are, therefore, I am“: (1) Relationships among all communities of beings is the primary rule; (2) Inter-dependence of all individually and collectively; (3) organised according to the Laws and Lores of Nature, where respecting elders as the sign of our surrender to the truth of life and living as human beings.

We are nature means our environmental work is a life-saving work that we value as highly esteemed deed. It is not done out of passion or love for nature, but as the way we humans submit ourselves to the reality that we need and we aught to allow the laws of nature to reign in our lives, starting with respecting and protecting the rights of spirits to be and to function..


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