Vision and Mission

Vision, Mission, and Spirit


Harmony and simple joy reign among all communities of beings as the result carrying out “The Melanesian Way Conservation”, i.e., by of restoring balance in our relationships with ourselves as human beings and with other communities of beings”.

General Goal

Tribal peoples around the world in general and particularly across Melanesia become “Transition Tribe”, which means

  1. well-prepared in all aspects to welcome modernisation processes and
  2. able to contribute to the path of the human evolution “World Five”.

Specific Goals

The above general goal is achieved by:

  1. restoring custom stories (storylines),
  2. codify Constitution of the Tribe or Customary Laws, and finally
  3. re-instate their custom governance system to fully participate in modernisation processes based on terms and conditions as stipulated in their Tribal Constitution or Customary Laws.


  1. The Melanesian Way Conservation: “Spirit-Led Conservation” become mainstream approach, a contribution to global conservation paradigm.
  2. Conservation based on Customary Laws to harmonize our interactions among human selves and with other communities of beings by first of all protecting the spirit-hotspots as the source, nurturer and sustainer of life. 


  1. Educate us human beings about the impact of simple day to day lifestyle that tribal peoples in Melanesia that we inherited from our ancestors have been proven protected habitable and sustainable islands, lands and seas across Melanesian, so that our human community learn and adopt our pro-life lifestyle that we call “live following the laws of nature”.

To follow the laws of the Nature means think, act and live in balance with the needs, lores of nature and the laws of natur

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