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  • One Tribe – One Business Entity for Economic and Business activities

    Whereas the Customary Business Entity is established to carry out daily business activities within the tribal customary boundaries and among members of the tribe.

  • Customary Maps

    Geographical Map and Socio-Cultural Map

  • Culture: Codified Customary Laws

    Culture: Codified Customary Laws Customary laws are codified, legalized and formalized Laws and Lores of Nature, as understood, lived and regarded useful by the clans. Codified Customary Laws become the Constitution for clans within the tribe to organise modern social, cultural and economic activities within modern modern-state legal framework.

  • The Law of Nature 2: We are Nature

    The secondly deadly sin of modernisation and modern mind is “separating nature from human” and therefore, treating nature as “resources”. The lores of nature in Melanesia says “We are, therefore, I am“: (1) Relationships among all communities of beings is the primary rule; (2) Inter-dependence of all individually and collectively; (3) organised according to the…

  • The Law of Nature 1: Everything is Spirit

    Everything is Spirit: Storylines, Story-house & Story holders: Everything We encourage (1) storylines of each family, clan and tribe be restored; (2) Story-House (Nakaman, Haus Tambaran, Kunu, Mbelamu, Pilamo…) to be re-built and repositioned at the centre of life; and (3) story-holders and all elders (fathers) within the clan be re-discovered and given their roles…

  • Opinion: Eco-social justice in an anthropocentric world

    Nicci Attfield, James Reed The Ecological Citizen Vol 4 No 2 2021: epub-036 [online first] First published: 27 January 2021  |  Permanent URL  |  Download citation in RIS format In a recent post on the Earth Tongues blog, Patrick Curry (2020) argues that “identity politics and exclusive social justice activism have serious flaws,” as their anthropocentric focus on human beings and how they relate to the world turns…

  • Scientists turn CO2 into jet fuel

    Jon Fingas, Associate Editor Researchers may have found a way to reduce the environmental impact of air travel in situations when electric aircraft and alternative fuels aren’t practical. Wired reports that Oxford University scientists have successfully turned CO2 into jet fuel, raising the possibility of conventionally-powered aircraft with net zero emissions. The technique effectively reverses the process of burning fuel by relying on…

  • An uneasy alliance: Indigenous Traditional Knowledge enriches science

    An article I published last year in The Conversation and republished in Smithsonian Magazineabout Indigenous Traditional Knowledge and western science touched a nerve among some readers. My article discussed examples of Indigenous peoples having detailed knowledge of animal behaviour, coastal ecology and historical events that have only recently been “discovered” or verified by western scientists. Although the article was…