Sparkling Eyes with Notes from Jhon Kwano

It has long been said: “The eyes are the windows to the soul”. It’s a very poetic and metaphysical saying, and I always wondered what it really meant. Part of my personal difficulty was: what is the soul that the eyes are the windows to? Part of the physical brain? The personality? The conscious thinking mind? Our ‘feelings’?

When I looked around in my younger days, there was lots of so-called ‘soul’ music – it was intensely emotional and I didn’t like it. It was all about suffering, jealousy, need, desire, etc., things I would not consider ‘high enough’ to associate with the soul. But neither was there ever a good definition of ‘soul’. Some said it’s the personality, some said it’s the ghost of the body when you die, some said it’s your conscience, generosity, charity, good thoughts, etc., and there were many other different ways of seeing it. None of the ones I heard felt right…

A few years ago I noticed that when I would look into the eyes of Serge Benhayon, founder of Universal Medicine, they seemed to sparkle as if there was a light coming from inside them. It was different from what I could see in other people’s eyes. I could feel an enormous level of love, understanding and awareness in Serge. At first I didn’t make the connection between these feelings and the light in his eyes. I would look at my own eyes in the mirror and they just didn’t seem to have that same sparkle, that same light coming from them.

However, one day recently I looked in the mirror and oh my gosh, my eyes have got that sparkle too! It’s amazing, it’s visible, other people see it and they comment on it. In fact, my physiotherapist saw me for the first time in quite a while and she said: “Oh my God, your eyes!”

So it’s a definite tangible thing that can be seen physically.

I can only attribute the change in my own eyes to a period of ‘doing the work’, that is, working on myself, being a committed, honest student of my own life, livingness and evolution, increasing my awareness of my choices, taking on greater responsibility for the impact that I have on myself and others, becoming more loving and more understanding. From this has come a greater sense of wellbeing within myself that is emanated to other people. Over the years I’ve watched other people who have been on the same path of increasing awareness, responsibility and choice-changing,* connecting with their souls and hearts, and their eyes have begun to sparkle too.

I would bet that no scientist has ever studied the sparkling light in the eyes that develops as people develop more awareness, love, understanding and wisdom.

I’ll bet nobody’s ever put a ‘sparkle meter’ in front of people’s eyes and measured the difference, correlated with what they do and how they do it in their lives. What is their day-to-day livingness like – their quality of life, the quality of their energy as they go about it? How loving are they, how connected, how present? And is that directly correlated with the sparkling light that comes from their eyes? I say from my own experience, absolutely yes. This is an amazing science that conventional scientific and medical research has yet to explore.

Recently scientists have looked at the connection between the personality and the purely physical properties of the eye (lines and dots in the iris and retinal blood flow), which turn out to be genetically linked. The ‘look-at-me’ press burdens this research with headlines suggesting that science proves eyes are the windows to the soul. But the personality is a long way from being the soul … and what about the light in the eyes? Well, some other scientists have found that light does actually come out of the eye, however … and this is a big ‘but’ … the light was coming out of isolated eyes taken from a rat, and was a physical property of the eye’s natural luminosity, both spontaneously and in response to light shining into it.

This research still does not explain why humans who choose to live a life based on the soul would appear to have more light coming from their eyes.

Perhaps the commitment to live a soulful life produces physical changes such that the body is more open to the passage of light through it and emission from it. Is it possible that connecting with the higher light within oneself and others (far beyond merely physical light) makes a person more transparent and responsive to that same universal divine light, enabling more of it to be embodied and more to be transmitted? I’m beginning to experience and understand that a lot of things spoken of in the Ageless Wisdom Teachings are literal, not poetic or allegorical or metaphorical, but real, personally knowable and physically experienceable laws of Nature.

This discussion raises the subject of a different ‘light’ I’ve observed in human eyes. It is a kind of flat sheen, bright yes, but not sparkling with presence and awareness. In fact it is a faraway, absent, blissed-out appearance. I have seen it most in those (including myself in the past) pursuing new age quests or using psychotropic drugs to attain enlightenment.

Could there be two different kinds of light?

Two different kinds of energy that move through a human body and govern the type of light in the eyes, just as they govern all else? One type of energy bringing presence, connection, awareness, responsibility, understanding and selflessness, and the wisdom that comes from them … and the other type bringing check-out, self-orientation, and disconnection from reality and other people (despite a surface appearance of loving connection). I once saw the latter light in my own eyes, and knew that it was not from deep, true connection. Now I see the former … as others see it too.

My conclusion is that it’s the connection with one’s deepest innermost self that accesses the soul, and when that connection is made, it can actually be seen as a sparkle in the eyes. Not only that, but it allows one to fully connect with and see that light in others – looking out through a clearer window we can see more clearly into other windows, or, a clearer mirror reflects other mirrors more clearly.

So for me the sparkling eyes are the windows of the soul expressing through a physical human body. When a person lives life dedicated to the soul, makes the connection and is thus one with all other souls, the sparkle begins.

“The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!”
The Bible, Matthew, ch6 v22-23

*Changing choices such as learning to recognise and quit the many forms of addictions and comforts, healing one’s hurts, etc.

Listen to Heaven’s Joy song: Sparkling Eyes

NOTE from Elder Jhon Kwano:

I am not an English native speaker, so I have been trying to explain what I have seen myself and others have seen in my village.

I have seen and experience sparkling eyes. I have been searching for answers what this really is, and I found this article talks exactly what I was searching for years now. Thank God.

I have seen this kind of eye mostly in villages, among the elders, and one type in big city ever, I saw one monk coming out from monastery in Hong Kong, I think on Lantau Island, this sparkling eyes and I thought, “I know those eyes, but normally in my village, this is the first time I see it outside my village”.

Well, I tell you that not all villagers have sparkling eyes, but I can guarantee most of us do.




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