PNG and France: Bridging the gap through science

PNG Governor-General and French Ambassador to PNG at Parliament House, Port Moresby
PNG Governor-General and French Ambassador to PNG at Parliament House, Port Moresby

SCIENTISTS around the world, especially in France, are astonished by PNG’s large rainforest and its biodiversity, says France’s Ambassador Philippe Janvier-Kamiyama.

Janvier-Kamiyama was speaking at Government House in Port Moresby after presenting his credentials to acting Governor-General and Speaker Job Pomat.

“Your country has the third largest primary rainforest in the world, whose biodiversity is remarkable and of the highest interest to scientists, especially French,” Janvier-Kamiyama said.

“It is a precious asset for your country and for all humanity.

“Combining economic development with respect for the environment is a challenge that deserves to be addressed and we are also ready to work with you effectively and lastingly in this area.”

Janvier-Kamiyama also praised PNG for its “valuable support” during the Paris Summit in December 2015 to fight global warming.

“Your country is well aware of the challenges ahead as result of climate change, as it is already being impacted,” he said.

“Be sure that we will be on your side to come up together with the best paths for sustainable development and implementation of renewable energies.”
Janvier-Kamiyama said PNG would have the opportunity to showcase its potential to the international community in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) summit in November.

“Apec is an opportunity to show all the members how much your country has evolved and how it is full of potential to continue its development and play an even greater role in the concert of nations,” he said.



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