This is Spirit-Led Conservation

Conservation carried out based on Storylines that comprehensively map out the Spirit-Hotspots (i.e.: objects, subjects, characters, names, scapes)

We believe that the Real Conservation begins with Protecting the Spirit-Hotspots as been told in Stories-Houses by Story-Tellers.

Map of Melanesia, Micronesia dan Polynesia in the South Pacific Region

6 Pillars of Spirit-Led Conservation in Melanesia

Six Core Activities

Spirit-Led means follow the Storylines, which are the maps the Spirit Hotspots that give birth, nurture and welcome back life, that should to be treated as “sacred” sites, beings, names, scapes, events.

Activity 1: Restore the Storylines

Stories that are kept and passed down for generations by Story-holders and story-tellers provide complete and detailed maps of the Spirit Hotspots.

The stories form storylines, threads of those stories that will help in building One Storyline for Melanesia

Activity 2: Map the Hotspots

When the spirit-hotspots breathe freely, abundance of life is facilitated, the supremacy of the laws of nature is guaranteed, and organism of life and living beings will automatically flourish and multiply.

Spirit Hotspots can be divided into three spots: (1) sacred, (2) specific, and (3) historical.

Activity 3: Produce the Maps

Based on the stories and hots-pots, maps of the customary area (geography) and of society and culture are produced.

Both maps are the empiric studies report that become framework for draftiing and codifying Customary Laws.

Activity 4: Codify Customary Laws

When storylines are well-documented as geographical & socio-cultural maps, then the Customary Laws will be codified and legalized.

Codified Customary Laws is legally binding for respective individuals and groups members within the tribal area or across the territory where the members live.

Activity 5: Formalize Customary Organisation and Leadership

When the codified Customary Laws are legalized, then modern customary institutions are formally established, then organism of life and living beings will automatically be protected to flourish and multiply.

  1. One Tribe – One NGO for Legal, Social and Cultural Affaris
  2. One Tribe – One Business Entity for Economic and Business activities

Activity 6: The Elders inside their Story-Houses

When the Customary Elders breathe freely in Story/Spirit-Houses, stories will be told in detail, abundance in life is nurtured, the supremacy of the lores of nature becomes priority, and organism of life and living beings will automatically flourish and multiply.

Elders’ Story-House, commonly called by foreigners as “Men’s House” is the place where life and living is organised by elders of the family, moiety and clan.

2 Phases of Overal Project Activities

Based on our Melanesian experience, we carry out two phases of a project: Phase 1. we carry out mapping; and legalizing customary maps of geography and socio-culture and legalize and promote customary institutions; and Phase 2. We formalize and Institutionalize Customary Institutions for ECOSOC and Business and economic activities.

Phase I: Mapping Activities

  • Map the geography of customary land of the tribe.
  • Map the socio – culture of the tribe based on storylines, spirit-hotspots and geographical map.
  • Codify Customary Laws biding for the members of the tribe based on the maps to organise, protect and promote the tribe in social, cultural, political and economic activities.

Phase II: Establish Customary Institutions for ECOSOC and Business Activities

  • Based on the Customary Law/ Constitution: Legalize 1 NGO for the tribe, to be responsible and protect the tribal land and to organise social and cultural activities.
  • Based on the Customary Constitution: Legalize 1 Business Entity to be responsible and protect the tribe’s economic activities on the Customary land or among the members of the tribe.
  • Exclusive access to design insights.

“SPIRIT is Here! NATURE is Here! HERE we are! .
We humbly surrender to this truth and declare:

Trustee and Board of Directors

The Melanesia Spirit and Nature Foundation Inc.

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