This is the Solution to Power Generation Problem in PNG

May be unheard of, the Innovative Air Turbine Power Generation Technology is the solution to power generation in Papua New Guinea.
This is the latest and the only 100% renewable power generation system in the world, which is capable of producing both electricity and water, and I might add, remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
The Air Turbine Power Generation Technology or System uses compressed Air to generate any amount of electricity from 375 Kw to 1000’s of Megawatts of electricity.
This power generation system is not weather dependent like hydro, solar, wind etcetera. The amount of land required is only 5% of what is required for other systems.
It is a power generation system that can be located or installed where the power is required, thus cutting out the need of erecting high transmission lines.

How it operates;

Wind flowing at a speed as low as 2mph is extracted and amplified. The air is compressed and goes down the main shaft where the air is further compressed. Through compression and condensation, water is extracted and processed or treated and made available as portable water. The air without moisture passes through a membrane where carbon dioxide is extracted and stored. The air is further compressed and stored in high pressure tanks at 5,000 psi. From the high pressure tanks, the air pressure is regulated down to 90 psi for use to turn air genetators to produce electricity. The system works with very low wind speeds and can work without the wind for up to 14 days.

With this system, 90% of the country can be supplied with electricity and water by 2025. There is no need for expensive feasibility studies to be done. The maintenance costs including operational costs is only 10% of other systems. This means we can cut the cost of electricity in the country by 25%. There is no system like this in the world. 80% of the parts are off the shelf. The system will work 24/7/365 days per year. PNG

PNG Power Ltd and Energy Department, please take note, because this can provide the best solution to power generation in the country. Please inbox me so I can provide my contact details.
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