The Seven Laws of Nature

We call these Lares of Nature as the Seven Laws of Life and Living (nature) for all Communities of Beings according to Melanesian Wisdom.

Law of Nature 1: Life starts from and ends as spirit.

Everything is spirit, every being has spirit.

Ignoring or not realizing or undermining this reality is the first and the deadliest human sin that have brought about catastrophe to this life.


We at Eloma Gardens believe that there is nothing or nobody or no being exist in the absence of spirit. No spirit means nothing, and if there is something then it means there is spirit.

Law of Nature 2: We are Nature!

Nature us is! We are not doing good to nature, but to ourselves!

Separating humans from the rest of nature is the second deadliest sin human beings have committed that have brought about catastrophe to this life. We promote practices that demonstrate human beings as inseparable part of nature.

Law of Nature 3: Stories Map the Life Well and Complete

Every individual being or species has stories.

Every life has a story. Life without stories has no life.


Edloma Gardens host places of storytelling to help humans have clear pictures of life of humans and of all communities of beings.


Stories in all human cultures as well as in all communities of beings clearly and complete map out the image of every culture, beings, and communities.

Law of Nature 4: Live in Balance brings about harmony.

Harmony rules when everything is in balance. Every being came into existence as an act of balancing.


To promote balance in life among human beings, we Melanesian peoples practice “Agun-Agwe” or “Wita-Waya” system of living, where the “fire” and “water” elements in display. The fire element waters life, and the water element burns life. This is the way to enjoy the pure balance.


To promote balance in life with other communities of beings, we Melanesian peoples believe that every being has “spirit”, therefore, human beings are limited in actions against other communities of beings.


Customary Laws ensures spirit, nature and people live in balance, inter-related and inter-dependent.

Law of Nature 5: Live in Relation/ We are Social Being

“We are, therefore, I am!”

Every being is inter-related, separating one from the other is unwise and deadly. I am here and I am not here because we are.


The relation human “Wita-Waya” or all beings’ “fire-water” is expressed in Melanesian tribes as marriage-partner, as housing partner, as singing partner, as dancing match, and so on. Almost no single Melanesian operating outside this pairing system. Playing outside the system is “off-site” of the Melanesian Way.


Edloma Gardens is obliged to demonstrate and invite everyone to experience the inter-relations among separated and autonomous entities.

  • Land/ place / spirit house/ garden /
  • Plants
  • Animals /totem / wisdom
  • Peoples/ family/ relatives/
  • Language

Law of Nature 6: Life is Dependent on One Another Individually and Collectively

Every being lives inter-dependently! Separating one from the other means ending life.

Without one, the other has never come into being. Without the other, one will never survive.


Sharing what we have, and even who we are is the Law of Nature that every being is obliged for every being to claim the purpose of being.  When “dependence” is removed, the soul finds it empty, and always beg inside for a home to return to.

Law of Nature 7: Life becomes Meaningful with Elders’ Guides

As social being, every being needs elders to set examples, lead the road, and to father/ mother the life with all its dynamic and phenomena.

Very being naturally require each other, and more importantly those who has seen the sun before ourselves, as well will always watch, see and imitate each other.