Key Steps in Melanesian Way Conservation

Our Process

The logic of our work follows like the following 3 key steps:

Map and connect the storylines. 
Various activities carried out to collect and map the storylines.

This is done though various approaches: news updates, story-telling, radio broadcast, WantokTube and  facebook streaming …

STEP TWO: Codify the Storylines into a Customary Laws that will be legally binding for concerned families, clans or tribes to submit themselves to the rules.

The community should first be fenced well and therefore submit themselves to their own laws in order to prevent them being bought up by foreign influences.

The Codified Customary Laws  are proposed to the modern nation-sates so that they are recognised and legalised by modern nation-state.

This will bind the government to appreciate and follow the Laws of the Nature.

Activities to “save” and “celebrate” life are organised within our network in order to demonstrate The Melanesian Way of Conservation applied with the above three steps.

So far there have been efforts to encourage modern nation-states’ governments to adopt environmentally friendly laws to support conservation work. We are proposing laws to be codified for both the indigenous peoples and the government.

We therefore promote the Melanesian Way of Conservation by mapping the Spirit Hotspots as the foundation for Customary Laws that will finally promote sustainable and peaceful living among all communities of beings and among human beings.