Core Objectives


To participate in the areas of Natural Environment, Culture and Society so that human societies become aware, acknowledge and accept the reality of the Laws of the Nature that rules the Universe and participate in promoting the Laws of the Nature formally within the government laws on the Isle of New Guinea. To produce formal governmental legal protection to various natural and cultural (bio-cultural) hotspots throughout the Isle of New Guinea.

To organize Melanesian Elders for Conservation to focus their attention and activities on promoting the Melanesian Way of Conservation in order to educate the world on conservation work according to he Wisdom of Melanesian Peoples that have been proven the Isle of New Guinea and other small islands stay as green and their waters as blue as they are today.

Engaging the Elders in Conservation work means engaging all communities of beings to participate and contribute to the global conservation work.

Establish various centres or villages or islands for demonstrating “Save Life” and “Care for Life” as the Melanesian Way to demonstrate our Way of Life is the way the elders and all Melanesian peoples demonstrate our wisdom to the world to life and to care for life, in Melanesia context.

The experience in “Save Life” and “Care for Life” activities will add to the world to appreciate the contribution of Melanesian wisdom for life, to our planet Earth and for conservation work around the world

Recording and mapping the storylines through various activities in order to map out the Spirit Hot Spots of Melanesian archipelago and peoples.

The storylines will be used as the basis for Codifying Customary Laws before legalize under modern Nation-States across Melanesia.

Through our “Save Life” and “Care for Life” activities, we demonstrate, we perform and we portray the feeling, the taste, the smell and the functions of the Melanesian Wisdom that have preserved nature across Melanesia as blue and green as they are today.

This is the “upgrade” or “expansion” of roles and functions of some Melanesian Tribal Elders to play in the region to educate the World the Melanesian Way of Conservation, i.e., the Spirit-Led and/ or Spirit-Based Conservation.

The Melanesia Council of Elders for Conservation will organise and oversee various “Save Life” and “Care for Life” activities across Melanesia and also represent the elders at various regional and international forum representing the elders.