Melanesia Conservation Grand Design


For Melanesian tribes, it is important to begin with protecting the tribes, then followed by interacting among elders and tribes-peoples, then interactions with other human communities and other communities of beings.

These will bring about the dance according to the pulses of life-giving energy.

Brief Explanation

aiming at saving the lives of spirits, nature and culture across Melanesia, that are traditionally encapsulated within stories and / or storylines.

aiming at creating space for meeting points of different civilisations from different regions of the world, who come and merge into understanding each other as fellow human beings, and with other communities of beings.

aiming at celebrating the emerging of World Five, i.e., the world as an outcome of merging and mixing between World One and World Four (as it happened in Cafe for Life Activities)

Save, Cafe & Celebrate Life

We streamline activities to protect and conserve the natural and human environments according to Melanesian values, beliefs, norms and systems. There are varieties of strategies and actions taken in each independent nation-states across Melanesia in response to global warming and climate change, however, all Melanesians know “by breath-and-blood” that the spirits of Melanesians have to be well identified, managed, and protected in order to revive and revitalize the Melanesian Way to life in environmentally friendly way as our ancestors have taught us.

Please refer to the following websites for further information:

  1. for complete information on the Grand Design of Melanesian Way Conservation;
  2. for joining Melanesian elders who discuss and share information on our stories.
  3. that talks more about Melanesian democracy and governing systems.
  4. exposes teachings to shift our paradigm on tribal peoples and modernity.
  5. is the online home for promoting the inter-seeping activities of tribal peoples in Melanesia  with modern peoples in order to allow World Five to naturally evolve.

This is the Melanesian Way Conservation

Melanesian-way Conservation is Spirit-Led, i.e., conservation based on stories that form storylines that comprehensively map out spirit-hotspots that are helpful in producing geographical and socio-cultural map that will be used to outline Customary Laws.

After the Customary Laws are codified, and Customary institutions are established according to the Customary Laws, then the Tribes are now not traditional peoples anymore, but they are “Transition Tribes”, who are strongly bounded to their customs and culture, but also well-prepared to participate and contribute to the modernization processes.¬†