Declarations of Our Commitments


We are committed to bring individuals, families, clans and ethnic groups in Melanesia to carry out conservation work in OUR MELANESIAN WAY

1. by defining and clearly mapping the storylines;

2. by which spirit-hotspots are clearly defined,

3. with which Customary Laws are drafted and codified

4. with which modern positive laws formally recognise the Melanesian Way of Conservation 

5. with which all Melanesians will stand up to humans in the world and teach the world that conservation work start from protecting the spirit hotspots, and by doing so, the rests of the work will be inspired, generated, nurtured and sustained by the spirits.

Codifying Customary Laws is the right solution to promote Melanesian Way of Conservation.

Codifying Customary Laws is NOT drafting and legalizing Conservation Legal Framework based on Indigenous knowledge, but it is about recognizing and allowing the indigenous peoples to carry out the conservation work based on their Customary Laws as this approach has proven New Guinea nad other Melanesian islands and waters as green and blue as they are today.

Establishing Centres to Care for Life and Celebrate Life is part of treatments that we open to human beings in the world so that we can come and have a taste or smell or feeling of what we are talking about here in Melanesia, to enjoy life when everything is organised under the control of spirits.

By the term “spirits”, we do not mean the devil or evil spirit, but the spirits that dwells everywhere, including inside us human beings. These are the spirits that are obedience at all times to our orders and requests.

By the term “spirits”, we mean including the Holy Spirit and God as referred to in modern religions.

1,000 Customary Laws Written, Codified, and published based on Storylines to protect Spirit Hotspots that will automatically conserve the bio-diversity across Melanesian Archipelago.

“No-Go Zones” for foreigners: foreign islanders, foreign villagers or foreign entities or foreign nations.

“Guided Tour Spots” is for locals and foreigners: who come and enjoy the nature, the culture and the spirit, with guidance from local elders/ tribes-peoples

We will set up:

7 sites for Nature Festivals
7 sites for Culture Festivals
2 sites for Spirit Festivals
2 sites for Social Immersion Programme
7 centres for fasting, prayers and praises

Western half of New Guinea Island (West Papua) and Papua New Guinea will finally declared as fully Rainforest or Green Island, by keeping the remaining pristine rainforests stay untouched and by reforesting deforested land areas.

We will establish:
7 Communities as Natural Birth Hospital for non-Melanesians and Melanesians.
2 Melanesian Wellbeing Centres for Melanesians
2 sites for Social Immersion Programme
2 Natural Death Hospitals for non-Melanesians

1 Melanesia Stories Club: Wantok TV
1 Melanesian Discussion Club: WantokTube
1 Melanesian Studies Club
1 Melanesian Debates Club
1 Melanesia.News Centre
1 Melanesia.Business Centre

1. Declare Spirit Hotspots as the core of conservation work

2. Declare Customary Laws as the tool for conservation work by indigenous peoples in  modern nation-states

3. Declare “N-Go Zones” (No-go Spots) as the rules for humanity to obey globally.