The Concept

Comprehensive – Holistic Concept of Conservation

Save Life

Care for Life

Celebrate Life

Our first and primary task in conservation activities among indigenous peoples is  save life, i.e., the life of indigenous peoples: individuals, families, and clans in villages and islands.

Protecting indigenous peoples means guaranteeing sustainable conservation work.

Our follow up activity after restoring our customary laws and customary institutions is to care for life according to the principles, values and systems that exist within indigenous peoples in order to server global community in organising and managing our lives.

This is the dressing of our conservation activities.

The outcome of “Cafe for Life” is celebrations of life where the outcome of “socio-cultural melting” in previous activities produces togetherness in celebrations.

Rituals and festivals become daily habits in human existence.

Spirit-Led Conservation emphasizes “Save-Life” Activities for Tribal Peoples, “Care for Life” for tribal peoples (World One) and modernity (World Four) as the melting pot to finally & jointly “Celebrate Life” , as
the processes will finally and naturally lead us to World Five.

A balanced way of life facilitates Harmony to reign in life. According to the Lore of Nature, BALANCE is the key to HARMONY for all communities of beings, similar to as justice is the key to peace for humanity! Harmony is perceiving and treating each other as equal members of our collective existence communities of beings:

  1. Harmony is dancing in tunes and pulses of beings and life.
  2. Harmony is breathing freely as communities of beings.
  3. Harmony is surrendering our being into our collective existence.
  4. Harmony is the ultimate destination of our being.

The Melanesian Way of Saving Life is by passing down the stories of life and living by story-holders and story-tellers to select persons at specific occasions and places.

The Melanesian Way of Caring for Life is by looking after, and nurturing the Social Building of the human community according to the storylines that serves caring for all communities of beings.

The Melanesian Way of Celebrating Life is by socializing (social gardening, social cooking, social house construction), singing, dancing and doing rituals together.

Our Stories’ House and Families’ house cater as the central points for laws and orders of life and living.. They are the incoming and outgoing transmitters of signals that inform from all living beings and the universe. They capture, magnify, transmit, and respond to messages from all beings and all directions.

This is the way we Melanesian peoples protect our life and the life of our felow communities of beings!

Melanesian Elders for Conservation

We are autonomous collective of Melanesian elders dedicated to promote our Melanesian Way of Conservation.