Four Phenomena as Backgrounds

First, almost all conservation work in the world today is motivated and organised by humans, oriented to saving human beings from disasters. Such anthropocentric way of looking at life and nature is caused by the human mindset of separation and disconnection from nature. This the root of all destruction of life on and of our planet Earth.

Second, almost all conservation work in the world today is based upon scientifically rational analysis of problems and solutions, by documenting biodiversity and ecology, by counting how many plants, animals and landscapes are to be saved. This approach ignores the reality that it is scientific revolution that triggered the destruction that we enjoy today, and that it is tribal peoples that have proven to have kept this planet Earth green and the water and sky blue.

Third, almost all conservation work today in Melanesia is sponsored by Western funders and Big International NGOs (BINGOs), based on the themes, areas and programmes which are pre-designed by them. This allows no creative space for Melanesian NGOs and communities to do what is regarded best for ourselves and nature. This undermines the reality that we Melanesians know well, experienced and have proven ourselves as protectors of the natural Earth. Therefore, we should plan and carry out conservation work according to our Melanesian Way of Conservation and offer our way of working to the world.

Fourth, most NGOs working on environmental issues across Melanesia are not working with  the government.  The government officials who are making decisions are also indigenous and should be seen that way. 

  • We promote holistic approach involving all parties and all beings.
  • We encourage Melanesian Tribal Elders and Government Officials to cooperate in designing policies and actions to protect the nature, utilizing our inherited wisdom that we have inherited today: A Green New Guinea and Blue Pacific.
  • We advocate Spirit-Based Conservation Work across Melanesia and beyond. Spirit-based means the primary object of the conservation is the spirits and their residing spots, that are commonly referred to as sacred sites, that we call the Spirit-Hotspots.
  • We advocate traditional storylines and legalize the storylines become Customary Laws that as useful tool for preventing communities and foreigners in advocating the rights of all communities of beings and at the same time preventing human beings destroying the environment
  • We write programmes based on Melanesian wisdom and we proactively cooperate with local and national government to change policies and practices.
  • We invite all human beings around the world to support and join us in promoting the Melanesian Way of Spirit-Based Conservation

We invite all NGOs, Tribal Elders and Government officials across Melanesian to cooperate, coordinate and co-sponsor our activities for the Melanesian Way of Spirit-Based Conservation.

We have legitimate proof based on our collective experience and legacy to teach the world this way of living and caring for the Earth. It is our hope that this can become the mainstream approach for conservation everywhere.

We are here to preach the Good News from Melanesia:

“Celebrate Birth, Live Well, Love Well, Have Something Good for Every Person, and Die a Happy Death!”

– Bernard Narokobi