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How To Harness Your Sexual Energy And Dominate At Life

“Sex: The force for change that has written out the history of world culture.”

All human progress is fueled by desire for sex.

Sex has always been the “ultimate reward”.

Heck, from a biological/evolutionary perspective it’s your sole purpose on this planet.

But by re-wiring this reward-mechanism by porn & excessive masturbation we’ve screwed ourselves over. Instead of striving for this reward through work, we’ve resorted to lesser ways of release.

Leading to a deterioration in life quality.

By consciously directing this reservoir of sexual energy we are able to make great advances in our professional and personal life.

Are you directing yours or spludging it on your bed-sheets?



Less ejaculations = more energy and desire to do shit.

Don’t waste your precious seed in front of a stupid screen but go out and get a grip on life (and not your dick). In the end it’s definitely worth a shot, even if you think it’s not going to do much good.

Also: You need a creative exhaust for your sexual energy to be channeled into something more productive: a company, a passion, a blog or a project you’re working on. Otherwise it will find lesser ways of release. 

Men are builders – so you should be building shit.

Here’s what you do, even if you’re not that into it;

Try it for 30 days using my 30-day Challenge Calendar and see if you don’t notice any improvements. My recommendations;

  • Don’t masturbate nor watch porn at all for 30 days.
  • Practice the solo dry orgasms through masturbating x amounts of days for 30 days.
  • Practice the sex dry orgasms with your girl (but don’t ejaculate) for 30 days

Report back how you feel on this post.

Ultimately, the goal is to feel alive and energized AND have a fulfilling sex life in the end. I think this is the way to go.

Additional Resources you should check;

Dave Asprey & Christopher Ryan on the nature of human sexuality;

Thanks for reading this post on cultivating your sexual energy. If you think this article can help out a chronic masturbator you know, be sure to pass it around 😉 Anyway, if you’re having any more thoughts or questions on this topic, feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

Take care & stay strong.

– S

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