4 Things that We Are Talking About

In Preaching the Gospel of Melanesia for the World

  1. We are talking about a nation-state in post-postmodern (post momo) era
  2. We are talking about a post momo nation-state by Tribal Peoples.
  3. We are talking about New Guinea Island, the lungs of the planet Earth.
  4. We are talking about Creating World Five by the Formula: 4+1

AD.1. A New Nation-State in Post Postmodern (post momo) Era

The vision and mission of the Republic of West Papua represents post momo era of framework, that we call it coming back to the origin frame of thinking.

  • In premodernity, the social order and the nature of the world were one and the same and taken for granted. They were handed down to us by tradition, not options for us to engineer
  • Modernity upended all that. From the Renaissance on, through the increasing importance of science, the Enlightenment, and the Industrial Revolution, the world changed, and our ideas changed with it. Along with the natural world, the social order was now the object of reason and critique, of control and systematization. This enables, or even ensures, progress with a capital P.
  • But progress has its limits, everything doesn’t get better cost-free, and it isn’t a given carried by historical momentum. There are pitfalls. Things haven’t always been as easy as they appear. Enter postmodernism.


  • Postmodernism is the disillusion with and the critique of the whole of the modernist project and its assumptions. Progress is not a given, not a law of nature. We can’t answer all questions with science, and no one framework correctly describes society and history. In essence, postmodernism is the idea that there is no one true method, model, ideology, or narrative with the right to dictate facts and mold the social order. Not Christianity, not science, not dialectical materialism. Nothing.
  • Postmodernism isn’t so much an ideology, a framework, or a system of thought as it is the rejection of ideologies, frameworks, and systems of thought. This doesn’t exactly make it easier to understand.
  • From a description in Primer Magazine: Postmodernism, you have to remember, didn’t grow out of a need to make sense of the world but out of a failure of the world to make sense. That might sound infuriatingly vague, and again, you wouldn’t be wrong.

West Papua Declaration to Modernism

  • Modernism believes that there is no tribal peoples in modern nation-state, because they believe that nation-state is part of modernisation projects
  • Modernism believes that there is no tribal people when there is democracy. We declare that democrary belongs to tribal peoples, and that we tribal peoples have West Papua as modern democratic nation-state.
  • West Papua proves to humanity that tribal peoples do exist until this era of post postmodernism or metamodernism, and that we tribal peoples are declaring this modern and democratic nation-state of the Republic of West Papua
  • Modernism says reason and rationalism are the core of life and living, and Melanesians say that heat and feeling are more important than all others for humanity and human progress.
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