Online Dating Advantages


There is no denying that online dating has become hugely popular in the 21st century, fed by the emergence of social networks that have sprung up all over the internet. Although online dating was popular before the likes of myspace and facebook were even thought of, these 2 large social platforms along with many other smaller scale communities such as Twitter have galvanized the presence of dating websites, making them very much a normal part of the whole dating scene.

10 years ago people may have been shocked or at least surprised if you were to say you met your girlfriend, boyfriend or partner through an online dating site, now people reply in an almost unsurprised or even expectant manner if you mention online dating as your chosen method of seeking out someone special.

Online dating has an even balance of advantages and disadvantages on the whole when compared with offline dating. These pros and cons can be interpreted very differently depending on the individual person, which is what makes the whole concept as fascinating as it is tragic.


Online dating is convenient

As unromantic as it sounds online dating is very convenient for many people who live such busy life’s that they find it hard to make time to search for someone they share that special bond with.

Anyone who has a full time job, working 9 to 5 and also has other commitments will rarely be able to muster up enough time to do their weekly food shop, never mind go out on a night out searching for someone they like enough to arrange a date.

Logging on to an online dating website and having access to 1000’s of profiles within your area in a matter of minutes means you can save yourself a great deal of time and also cover more ground…After all you couldn’t go into a nightclub or a bar, ask all the people to line up and then split them into several categories judged on personality, body type, hair color, hobbies and interests and even salary range…but you can online…

Online dating offers more choice

Search through almost an endless number of profiles to find a date. Be more picky about who you would like to date instead of winding up with the best of a bad bunch, after all its easier to say no to someone by email than in person.

You never have to be disappointed by your choice of date as you can take things much slower before deciding to meet up with someone, thus you have more choice and arguably better options.

Online dating is initially safer

Online dating is safer from the start as at first you are simply messaging someone and getting to know them through email. This allows you to check up on what someone is really like and how they will react to certain things about you. In essence this makes things less unpredictable for when you finally meet up with someone, although this can also take the excitement out of a date.

Online dating can help shy people date

Some people are really shy and find it hard to talk to people they like, never mind ask them out on a date. Online dating can help shy people make the initial move of getting to know someone on a more personal level, whilst offering a slower alternative to ease them into a conversation without applying too much social pressure.

Online dating allows you to present your very best self at all times

Only upload the best photos of yourself, only talk about the interesting and fun parts about your life that other people will be attracted to, abilities we can sometimes lack when getting to know someone or initially dating offline.

Yet online, you can spend as long as you want putting the best overall picture of yourself out for all prospective dates to see.


Online dating can be good and bad, it is best used as one of many ways in finding a special someone, but to become obsessive with it and use it as an ultimate tool to seek out the perfect person will mean neglecting the good old fashioned way of a chance meeting with someone you really like when you least expect it.

If you are interested in online dating, approach it with a playful and curious nature, but don’t take it too seriously and don’t hold any expectations about the people you get to know online until you have met them in reality.

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