Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Dating

Online dating has opened a huge door for all the people out there who have bad luck dating around in real life. People who are busy, are self-employed, live in small towns or just have bad luck in real life have benefited tremendously from the advantages offered by online dating.

Even so, the decision to try online dating shouldn’t be made lightly. There are important disadvantages that you should consider before jumping in. The good news is that most of the disadvantages to online dating can be overcome by a little forethought.

Advantages of Online Dating

1. Chance to meet people you normally wouldn’t meet

This is arguably the greatest advantage of online dating. There just isn’t enough time in the real world to sort through all the random people you meet every day. It’s hard enough telling who’s single, who’s looking and who you’re likely to be compatible with.

Online dating removes those difficulties by acting as a kind of hub for single people looking to date. In addition to that, the matching services that most online dating sites offer will help you find people that you’re more likely to click with.

2. Save time

Online dating is an incredible timesaver for busy people. It takes forever just finding someone interesting let alone finding someone interesting AND single. Busy people can’t wait around forever for an opportunity that may never present itself.

Online dating gets straight to the point by collecting like-minded people who are interested in finding dates. That alone will save you loads of time. The matchmaking services offered by most sites speed up the process even further.

3. Meet people who are in the market

Like I said earlier, it’s difficult just finding and identifying people who are looking to date. Knowing who’s single and who is looking is a major challenge in itself. The very purpose of online dating completely eliminates this headache.

4. Less fear of rejection

We all like to think of ourselves as fearless but the fear of rejection is a very real experience for the average person. On top of that, certain professional situations make approaching interesting people almost impossible.

Online dating is a little less personal and it is geared towards matching people so you can feel fewer reservations about approaching other people. You won’t win every time of course, but you won’t have to worry about being shut down by someone you have to see every day.

5. Many more potential dates

Dating sites bring together thousands of single people who are all interested in meeting new people. The speed of the internet and ability to post personality profiles make finding potential dates a breeze compared to meeting random people in real life.


Disadvantages of Online Dating

1. Distance

The internet breaks down the distance barrier for many situations but not in dating. If you’re not careful, you can find yourself chatting it up with someone who lives too far away to be a viable partner. This is even worse if you really click with that person.

On the plus side, every dating site has some sort of distance filter you can use to make sure you only get matches that are located relatively close to you. People who live in rural areas will still have to deal with the distance factor but even you can narrow your results down to a manageable distance.

2. Stigma

For some reason, there’s a negative social stigma associated with online dating. There’s no real downside to this disadvantage other than it being potentially embarrassing for some people.

With dating sites like eHarmony and becoming more and more mainstream, the stigma surrounding online dating is definitely becoming less of an issue. More people are embracing the internet to achieve all types of things these days so finding dates online is slowly becoming more accepted.

3. Safety

Safety is the greatest legitimate concern regarding online dating. You must always use caution and common sense when dating online. Luckily most dating sites put safety as a prominent concern so they protect your information and give you tips for ensuring your safety.

Taking steps as simple as keeping your home address a secret and making your first dates take place in public will do a lot to keep you safe. Online dating sites have also increased security by requiring more documentation for new members, making it harder for casual users to jump in and start chatting it up with random people. There is more to consider for staying safe, which can be found on our safe online datingpage.

4. Cost

All the best online dating sites cost money to join so you’ll have to spend a little extra money when going about it this way. The worst part is that you have to pay for your membership even when you’re going through a dry run.

On a positive note, the membership dues to online dating sites are manageable for most budgets. Compared to the time and trouble online dating saves, these costs are minimal. To the people who end up finding true love online, the original membership dues are meaningless.

With so many sites out there, at least you can try many for free to make sure you like the site before committing any money. We suggest either Christian Cafe or the Single Christian Network, both of which offer a 10 day free trial.

5. Less information

When you meet and talk to people from an online dating site, you have less information to work off of. You don’t know their friends and you can’t ask around about them. The only way to overcome this disadvantage is to take your time when getting to know new people. Online dating saves plenty of time in the long run so don’t be afraid to take your time in the beginning.



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